COP 21: KC Golden – Waging the Clean Energy Revolution

Dec 9, 2015,  COP21, Paris

KC Golden of Climate Solutions appeared as a panelist in a COP21 press briefing where he discussed the role of the Northwest in waging the clean energy revolution. Also on the panel were Jack Schmidt of the NRDC and Mary Minette, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

KC Golden, Climate Solutions
“We are converging in an unprecedented show of collective will for climate action”~ KC Golden

Selected Excerpts:

“The Northwestern United states is a place where citizens have been successfully resisting further investment in fossil fuel infrastructure in the form of arctic drilling and coal export. We are also a place that is at the forefront of waging the clean energy revolution in our cities, in our states, in our communities, with our businesses, and we aim to be in the leadership of the transition that going to make those fossil fuel investments as unnecessary and as they are unconscionable at this point.”

“I am here to affirm that national governments are not the only locus of power and action.“ ~ KC Golden

“Indigenous peoples are here, cities and states are here, labor and business are here, communities of color and faith, and we are converging in an unprecedented show of collective will for climate action. We are here to push our national governments for stronger international commitments, we are not here to wait for them. The clean energy revolution is on. The climate justice movement is strong and growing. In my part of the world, in the Northwest, we are bound and determined to win this transition.”

“We are not just asking for action, we are leading it. What we do ask for now from our national negotiations is a full partnership. An international agreement that is as strong and fair as science and conscience demand.”

Report by James George