Report: Managing the health effects of climate change

The UCL Lancet Commission has produced a 41 page comprehensive report on projected health effects of climate change, “Managing the health effects of climate change” . There is also an audio podcast discussing the findings in the publication. Excerpt from the podcast:

“The big message is that climate change is a health issue, it’s not just an environment issue about polar bears and deforestation – and we think it’s quite probably the most important global health issue of the twenty first century” ~ Anthony Costello, Chair of the UCL Lancet Commission.

Video: Powered by Coal on 60 Minutes

Powered By Coal. Video from CBS 60 minutes.

Length 12:32. Video with focus on the enormous US coal consumption. Features Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy, NASA’s James Hansen, and UC Berkeley Professor Dan Kammen. Despite acknowledging that climate change is a problem, Rogers defends Duke Energy’s two new coal energy plants.

Article: Climate change mitigation and co-benefits of feasible transport demand policies in Beijing

Academic article on China’s increasing transportation and related issues. Argues for a ‘road charge’ to mitigate congestion.

From the abstract: “Urban car transportation is a cause of climate change but is also associated with additional burdens such as traffic congestion and air pollution. Studies of external costs and potential impacts of travel demand management help to define policy instruments that mitigate the damaging impact of transportation. …We show that a road charge could not only address congestion but also has environmental benefits.”

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