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Video: Yvo de Boer at COP15 Opening press conference comments on public and private capital for green development.

Sunday, Dec 6 Copenhagen

‘I agree with Micheal that you can’t negotiate private capital, but you can drive private capital. And I think if countries here, if industrialized nations agree to a 25 to 40% cut by 2020, and also say they plan to reduce their by 80 to 85% by mid century, then anyone investing in the energy sector and industry not taking that into account would be mad. We know that over the next 20 or so years, about 20 trillion dollars is going to be invested in the energy sector as the world economy picks up. 85% of that investment is going to come from the private sector. And I think that those private sector investments will be guided by those short and long term goals. And if we can use the much more limited public money that will flow from Copenhagen to help the private sector to go that extra green mile that’s not possible within that a normal investment equation, we will have an excellent blending of financial resources to a much greater effect over the longer term.’

Arriving in Copenhagen

The plane into Copenhagen from Heathrow was packed yesterday afternoon, with a good percentage of the passengers en route to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, known as COP 15.

Today even larger numbers should be arriving, as Copenhagen gears up to receive the expected tens of thousands of COP 15 participants from all over the world. Special guides at the airport brandishing white COP15 T-shirts stood at the ready to provide info and assistance.

COP15 Guide
Roberto Sanchez was one of the 30 such guides covering the afternoon shift.

Other other not-so-welcoming preparations have taken place here. Anticipating large and potentially unruly demonstrations, police have displayed some 37 ‘cages’ capable of holding 370 people. The police will also be equipped with pepper spray and water cannons, a threatening measure considering the near freezing temperatures here in December.

Copenhagen Sunrise
An overcast “Sunrise” over the harbor in Copenhagen. There are just over 7 hours of sunlight per day this time of year.